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Taylor Bra

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Taylor bra is one of those patterns where everything just works perfectly.  Taylor bra is similar to Anneve bra in shape with padded AA cups with wireless tubing to maintain shape, however the microfibre fabric makes Taylor even more comfortable if that's possible!  Taylor bra has looped lingerie lace around the base and arms with a frill lace on the cup edges.  The cups have the same sheer floral lace inserts as the Taylor panty.  For the shoulder straps, we have made a slight change by joining two narrow straps to go over the shoulder and loop that into a single adjustable strap at the back.  This provides for a more stable shoulder strap.  Taylor is has dual hooks with 3 positions at the back and is finished off with a rose bow on the front.  As with the Taylor panty, the bra is all dyed in one color.  If you are looking for something comfortable, easy to wear under clothes and fits quite flush against the body, Taylor bra is perfect.

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  • Taylor bra

    Posted by Dale on 3rd Sep 2020

    I like the color fits great however the cup for me is to big need smaller cup more in Taylor bra with small cups and more colors

  • Taylor Bra

    Posted by John on 14th Aug 2020

    Lovely Bra! The fitting is a little tight around the chest.On the other hand: this in combination with the padding i must say with Bra Guy: it has just enough padding to add a little shape. Its also true: it bunches up in the middle. Anyway: All in all iam satisfied.

  • Taylor Bra and Panties

    Posted by Catherine on 24th Jan 2020

    The bra looked enormous when first opened, but is so comfortable and fits snuggly to the body and doesn't show under a shirt.

  • Seems different than shown?

    Posted by Wearable on 5th Sep 2019

    Between 36-37 chest and purchased the medium seem like the picture and what I got are little different? Not sure but the cups seem a bit bigger. The one is actually one of the bras I enjoy. Would love to see more padded bras that fit men.

  • Taylor bra

    Posted by Mike on 17th Jun 2018

    I like this bra. It is comfortable. I was a little bit worried about wearing any of these bras. I was worried people would notice I was wearing a bra. But they didn't know. I am going to order more.

  • Taylor bra

    Posted by Joe on 26th May 2018

    Very nice ! I love it!

  • Average Bra

    Posted by BF on 27th Feb 2018

    Love the design. Fit does somewhat poke out in the middle I didn't have to much trouble though just pushed it inward and it seamed to stay. The double straps are easier to see under tighter fitting cloths because there is a bigger bump than a regular strap bra. It is also more of a full cup bra. Love the way it feels on though.

  • Taylor bra

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Feb 2018

    Loved the idea of this bra at first sight until it arrived with my other 5 bras...Not a lot of great things to say about this one because I truly like the way it looked. The problem is the cups a too big, the cups poke out at the top when you bend over, and I mean a lot! It could use the under wire to keep the shape in place for the cups because this thing has a serious design flaw. It’s made to fit your chest but I have some small man boobs going on and the center of the bra protrudes outward and the top of the flat cups pop outward as well, very disappointing, I was wondering if the underwire might prevent the center from pointing out but the top of the cups rolling out is unacceptable, I would go back to the drawing board on the design.

  • Yes too big

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Sep 2017

    Does feel to big the Taylor bra is the way to go

  • Great Bra!

    Posted by AE on 30th Jun 2017

    Depending on how you are built I can see where this bra might be a flak jacket on you, but it's not on me. I am. 42" chest and in the large this is a nice fitting bra. I can see where it might ride up a little bit after being on for awhile an having to adjust myself (sort of like if I was a woman with a woman's bra) but this is a nice attempt at a padded bra for men. I think this is the kind of bra that women wear and you can kind of see the outline of it but it's not overly obvious. On me, it can be made out under a tight t-shirt, but not a cotton polo. I like to wear it around the house in a tight t-shirt however. Feels nice when I move around and do different things.

  • Chest Protector

    Posted by Swinginwithastick on 18th Jan 2017

    The Reviews were mixed but wish I had listened to flack jacket ones! You could be a hockey goalie or baseball umpire with this amount of protection!! Those who liked it's fit must be big men! 5'9" and this is both uncomfortable and ridiculase! Waste of $50. And may keep me from trusting Homme's products again! HM: Harsh words mate! Please get in touch if you are not happy with the garment.

  • Large

    Posted by apt13 on 18th Dec 2016

    I have to agree with a previous review. While not quite the size of a flack jacket, it is much larger than it appears in the photos. At least in the large size it more resembles the Tiffany in being a full cup bra. That said, it does not hug the chest well due to the size, and it does bunch up in the middle, so with that in mind I would not wear it in public if discretion is your goal. Well made, just be aware it is a bit on the large size and has a few shortcomings.

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